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What to Know When Changing your Nose Piercing from a Stud to a Ring

Switching up your jewelry can completely change the look of any body piercing. We love the way both studs and rings look in nostril piercings, and it's so fun to be able to swap between the two to complement whatever look you’re going for!

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist gold nostril nail, or a beaded seam ring that can become your go-to statement piece, there are a few things you should consider before making the swap!

1. Ensure your piercing was done in a safe studio by a professional piercer

Having a great piercing starts by getting it done by a professional at a safe piercing location! It’s so important to make sure you’re putting your trust into the hands of a professional and experienced piercer. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing they will follow proper safety procedures and protocols, but they will also ensure your piercing is correctly placed for your anatomy!

Having proper placement for a nose piercing is crucial, especially when you plan on wearing a ring in that piercing in the future. We advise letting your piercer know that you may want to wear a ring in your piercing once it is healed, so that they can keep that in mind when choosing your placement.

Having a piercing done too far from the edge of the nostril can result in the client needing to wear an oversized ring in the future to accommodate for the less than ideal placement. Some clients will find this frustrating as many people desire a more “snug” look when it comes to wearing a nose ring.

2. Make sure your nostril piercing is fully healed

At Alexander's Body Arts we always suggest that our clients start off by initially wearing a stud in their piercing. Wearing a stud will help you to not catch the jewelry on any clothing, bedsheets, towels etc. which will make the healing process go by quicker. Stud style jewelry also tends to move around less, which will also help the area heal quicker!

Once the area is fully healed, you’re more than welcome to swap to your nose ring.

3. Choose the right style of jewelry for your lifestyle

There are multiple jewelry options you can wear when it comes to your nostril piercing! For example if you are planning on changing your nose stud to a nose ring, you need to consider which type of ring will work best for you.

At Alexander's Body Arts we offer: -Nostril Nails -Seam Rings -Captive Bead Rings -Clickers

We have a blog post that explains certain rings in detail, and their pros and cons. Click here to learn more about the different types of jewelry we offer at Alexander's Body Arts.

We always advise wearing body jewelry made from implant grade materials. This is especially important for those who experience allergic reactions or have metal sensitivities.

We recommend only wearing jewelry made from implant grade titanium, or 14k solid gold to avoid any reactions!

4. Determine the size of a ring you will need

This is where visiting a professional piercer can really come in handy! Your Piercer will be able to measure your nostril, and ensure that they install the proper sized ring for your desired look and anatomy.

If you’re unable to get sized by a professional, check out our blog post on how to learn how to determine your jewelry size at home!

5. Swap your jewelry in a safe and clean environment or get help from a professional!

If you’re going to a piercing shop to have a piercer assist with your jewelry change, feel free to ask them about their sanitization methods! Whether you’re having your jewelry changed by a professional, or doing so by yourself at home, you will want to ensure your jewelry has been pre sterilized.

If you’re doing a jewelry change at home, you’ll want to start by washing your hands, and laying out a clean paper towel to put your jewelry on. If you have disposable gloves, feel free to wear those as well.

We suggest doing jewelry changes in front of a well lit mirror. This will make it easier for you to see what exactly is going on. If you’re doing this in the bathroom, don’t forget to close the drain of any nearby sinks. You’d be surprised how many pieces of jewelry can get dropped down the drain!

Once you have made sure your environment is safe and secure, you will want to remove your stud. If you were wearing a threadless stud, you’ll want to grab a hold of the decorative end, and the stud and pull them apart in opposite directions, no twisting required. Threadless jewelry should just pull apart, but you may need to apply a bit of force. Once you have removed your stud, place it aside on a clean paper towel. You’ll then want to clean your piercing with a saline solution, and follow your typical piercing aftercare routine. It's always a good idea to clean your piercing before putting something new in.

Once your piercing is clean, insert the ring into your piercing, and turn the ring until the seam or closure (depending on ring style) is on the inside of your nostril.

6. Store your old jewelry in a safe place

You never know when you will want to switch back to a stud or re-wear your old jewelry. We advise storing your jewelry in a ziplock bag so that the post and end do not get lost.

7. Keep an eye on your piercing and be mindful of your new jewelry

Once you’ve switched to your nose ring, you’ll want to keep a close eye on things for a few weeks prior to your jewelry change.

Although your piercing may be fully healed, having a new piece of jewelry can sometimes cause a bit of irritation, or just take some getting used to.

If you notice anything out of the norm (serious swelling, stinging, prolonged redness etc) contact your piercer and ask to book a consultation appointment.

It is always better to be on the safe side when it comes to the health of your piercings!

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